The Wicked One

Blurb First book in the Vera Anderson Series. Bonnie and Blake Spencer - identical twins - have been inseparable as long as they can remember. But at age seven, they lose their parents. They are sent to an orphanage at Illinois. When the twins hear the news of adoption, Blake is delighted. But Bonnie has... Continue Reading →

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Two Wrongs Can Make A Write!

Welcome! This is our joint writing website, where we attempt to prove that two wrongs can certainly make a write! Have fun exploring and do not forget to check us out on Twitter & Tumblr!

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Book Recs & Reviews – Episode One

Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag! Projects, thesis, finals, quizzes, assignments and of course, mental breakdown. So what do we do in cases like this? We take a break. 'Cause *inserts self deprecating voice* your girl believes in escapism. She's a master of running away from her own problems. Also, I just needed to write... Continue Reading →

Just Over There – Chapter One

I do not own the image. Copyright goes to the original owner. Content Warning: Body horror theme, scenario of death, etc. The rain was getting heavier. It could no longer be called a drizzle. It turned into a downpour in a matter of minutes. Raindrops splattered with heavy thuds against the windows. Even the windshield... Continue Reading →

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